Dealing with last minute emergencies and changes

Most of you are familiar with the phrase, “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”.  Whenever a wedding faces an obstacle or an unavoidable sudden change in plans there are also opportunities to turn that mishap or snafu into a positive situation. Every bride plans meticulously and then expects her wedding day to be the “most perfect day of my life.” As much as you plan and hope for nothing to go wrong, something may happen that disturbs the timeline or flow of your wedding day, even if you have hired the best of the best.  A car accident on a major highway causing late arrival of guests, family or you and the wedding party, inclement weather forcing the relocation of an outdoor ceremony, sudden power outages during the reception, or even an emergency with one of your vendors requiring last minute changes are all possible ways that your carefully planned wedding day can be altered. However, even if one (or more) of these things actually happen, your entire day is NOT ruined.  You might have to do a quick re-vamp of your wedding day timeline or eliminate something at the last minute, but chances are… your guests will never know the difference.  They are all there to eat, drink, socialize, dance and help you celebrate your wedding.  They will still have fun and enjoy the celebration as long as you do too.  Your guests don’t know it when the schedule of events is not done in the proper order or that it was supposed to be mushroom gravy served with the main course, or a song choice featured the right song but the wrong artist, or a group photograph was missing the little children who left early or that a bouquet of flowers that was not what it ought to be.  Even though the day may not be flawless now, it is important to keep a positive, optimistic attitude so you can make the best of what you do have.  If the negative situation (like a power failure) is obvious to everyone, they will see how you respond to it and this will set the overall tone for their enjoyment of the rest of the event.  If there’s nothing you can do about it… let it slide, move past it and find a way enjoy the rest of the day!


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  1. It seems to me the nature of all things in weddings, as in life. We can plan for everything, but at a certain point we just have to relinquish control, hope for the best, and enjoy the ride. Most likely how well a bride or groom handles these type of wedding glitches will be practice for how they will handle all the other surprises offered by life. Choose wisely friends. Great post.

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