Why Photo Booths Make the Best Wedding favors

As many of you know, at most weddings the bride and groom have some sort of favor for their guests who have attended their special day. These favors can be anything from cookies to CDs, figurines, candles, picture frames and even candy bars with the bride and groom pictured on the wrapper. Sure, you might hear about a wedding here and there with a unique favor that is very different from the norm, like a charitable donation made in everyone’s name, but most couples opt for something that is a tangible take-home that wedding guests can remember the wedding by.

If you are getting married and are in the process of trying to find the perfect wedding favor for your guests, look no further. Photo booths have become one of the latest trends in the wedding favor market. Guests simply walk into the photo booth, take four fun pictures which are duplicated in two photo strips, then take home one strip while the other strip goes into a memory scrap book that the guests sign. This party favor is simple and affordable but there are also other reasons why many brides and grooms have chosen this unique service.

First, a photo booth not only allows for a great take-home present but it also allows for a great time. If you have a photo booth at your wedding, it will bring people together and definitely be a conversation starter. You might find guests going into the photo booth who you would never have expected to go in wearing a feather boa and sunglasses. Photo booths provide a chance for fun interaction for guests of all ages!

Photo booths provide a gift to your guests as well as a gift you and your new spouse. The memory scrap book, which goes a step further than a typical guest book, combines both photos and comments in one place.

Most photo booths have props including wigs, hats, sunglasses, signs, and feather boas to add to the fun for all ages! It is a popular trend now because brides and grooms see all the advantages to having an instant, tangible gift and a lasting memory from a single source. Adding a photo booth service is also the best way to make sure your guests keep their favors rather than tossing your well-intentioned, custom labeled CD with music they don’t like, that also doesn’t fit into their pocket or clutch purse into the nearest trash barrel as they leave the reception.


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  1. at a wedding a few weeks ago where they had one. it was a blast to dress up for the bride and groom. silly is good.

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