Uplighting At Daytime Weddings?

Recently, having wedding reception uplighting has become a “must have” for many brides and grooms. Some feel that adding decor uplighting to compliment their color scheme is an absolute necessity at a bland, white venue while other add uplighting to add colorful changes and excitement along with the dance music after the meal. One thing that everyone can agree on is that uplighting has quite a noticeable impact on any function.

Understandably, most people do not consider adding uplighting at a day-time wedding. However, depending on the venue and the level of daylight that can find its way into the space, it may still be well worth considering. For example, if your reception is taking place in a canvas tent on an overcast day… in a hotel ballroom without windows, in an older mansion or even in a castle, you will find that uplighting works very well because bright sunlight has a tough time shining through. Such venues have plenty of dimly lit spaces, dark corners and shadowy areas, making tasteful, elegant uplighting a colorful life-saver… and to many, a necessity. Function rooms that may look fine in sunlight, can look dingy and dull on cloudy or rainy days and will benefit when uplighting suddenly transforms them from a drab, off-white to warm, vibrant color.

If your function facility has large windows that do let ample light in, this does not mean uplighting must be totally ruled out. Table uplighting is a great alternative to lighting the whole room when uplighting throughout the room will make only a minimal difference. If you are using white linen for your table cloths, adding a single uplight under each large guest table can showcase any color you want to brighten and tie together your overall color theme within the room… and then dazzle your guests when the colors change!

If you are having an afternoon wedding, the right uplighting added by a professional lighting designer, can make any venue “pop”! The goal, day or night, is to hear your guests commenting in wide-eyed amazement as they first walk into your reception and view a room beautifully colored in light, just as you’ve planned.


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