“Your Wedding Vision”

What is your wedding vision? Every bride has a picture in her mind of her wedding day whether it began when she was a little girl playing dress-up in the attic wearing her mother’s bridal veil or when she first started thinking about it the day after she got engaged. Every bride’s wedding vision is unique and whatever you envision for your wedding, it is possible to make it very close to what you want, even on a tight budget. Having a positive outlook and hiring the right team of wedding professionals to work with you is the first step to making your wedding vision become reality.

Visions can certainly vary! Some couples want a wild and crazy party that leaves guests dancing on chairs until well after midnight. Other couples feel that an elegant, classy wedding with subtle lighting and soft music will really make their day special, romantic and one to remember. Perhaps you want something in-between? The way you envision your wedding might not match any other weddings you have ever attended. Keep in mind that everyone has a certain style, personality, and mood they want to project for their guests to feel and experience at their wedding.

No two weddings will be exactly the same nor should they be, since everyone has different tastes. However, this does not mean you shouldn’t take ideas that you like from past weddings, magazines, movies and online to incorporate into your own special day. Adapting great ideas and making them your own is key to making your day unique. For instance, you were recently a guest at a country-themed wedding where they had finger food for appetizers, a buffet for dinner, and an open bar throughout the night. You might love the idea of an open bar so everyone you love can drink all night without worrying about the cost, but hate the idea of anything other than a formal, sit-down dinner. Knowing what you and your fiancee like and don’t like will narrow down specifics that you visualize for your celebration.

Having a clear vision of your wedding day really helps when you are in the planning process. Choosing the right vendors who will assist with your needs and help with your ideas is important to making your wedding day perfect. Vendors who listen and work hard to make your dreams come true are a real asset to have. If you picture your wedding photos having a vintage-look or want your DJ to play classic love songs that are memorable to you and your fiancee, conveying to them all the things that matter most to you will truly make you feel more comfortable about arriving at your vision. Your wedding day should be everything you hoped for and more… and it will be with the help of reliable vendors and an optimistic attitude!


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