Ahead of the Curve

When do most engagements occur? If you guessed that the most popular time of the year for engagements would be over Christmas and New Years you were correct! Fifteen percent of marriage proposals happen in December, while February, despite the romance of Valentine’s Day, accounts for just 8 percent, according to the Conde Nast American Wedding Study 2009.  Weddings book a year or more in advance in many cases. Between the months of January and March 2013, newly engaged couples will be looking to hire the best vendors for any popular wedding dates remaining in 2013 and further-out dates well into 2014. Now is the time for smart, already-engaged couples to be out booking their vendors before the mad rush after the first of the year!

The busiest “booking season” of the year (as opposed to busiest wedding dates) happens right after the holidays are over!  That’s also the time that there are lots of bridal shows.  Newly engaged couples will start their search and other couples who are already engaged will make it their New Years resolution to stop procrastinating and get their process moving. If you have been engaged for a couple of months or even a year, the longer you wait to book, the more difficult it will be to find vendors who will match your “perfect wedding vision” or venues that still have your preferred date available. Don’t be surprised if a large number of popular wedding venues are already booked for the 7 prime wedding months between April and October. If you are set on having your wedding at a specific venue on a specific date, start making vendor appointments now, because all the best venues and vendors are gone by March for the busiest dates!  Saturdays are the most popular day, followed by Sundays, then Fridays.  The two most “in-demand” Saturdays of the year are the Saturdays of Memorial Day weekend and Columbus Day weekend, since both offer a Monday off, to recuperate!  Oddly enough, Labor Day weekend is a distant third in popularity… as many folks are still away on vacation or closing down a Summer home that weekend before school starts up again. Many brides shy away from that “last glimpse of Summer” weekend.

If you find that you are not able to get a date that you want, don’t panic. Try looking outside the box and pick a Friday night or a Sunday afternoon wedding, which can work just as well as a prime Saturday night.. and possibly save you some money. Many venues offer a discount on Fridays. Being flexible is key to keeping wedding planning more stress-free. Seasoned vendors know when the busiest booking time is so they are your side and will work with you! Stay ahead of the curve and you’ll have an edge on the rest of the couples looking for the same wedding date and vendors that you are!


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