“A Team Effort Makes the Best Wedding”

The holiday season is a time to bring everyone together! Friends, family, and co-workers alike all celebrate the important people in their life and truly look at this time of year to reminisce and be thankful.

Last night, we at AllStar Entertainment & Uplighting had our annual holiday party where we have the chance to eat, drink and enjoy each other’s company outside of the busy workplace. Due to the nature of the wedding industry, having everyone in the company in one room at the same time was definitely special. Our office staffers work during the day and our 12 DJs,  6 uplighting designers and 4 photo booth attendants typically work their events on nights and weekends, so we rarely see everyone together in-person.  Even so, the entire staff get along very well and there is a lot of mutual respect for how good each separate division is at their different jobs. The gathering of all our employees gave us a chance to reflect on the advantage of different services from the same company working together as a team at a wedding.

Since many brides and grooms book two, three or more of our services as a package, it is very likely that each DJ and each uplighting designer or photo booth attendant will have worked numerous events side by side with the others in the course of a year. DJs and Uplighting designers at the party shared funny stories from past weddings they’d performed at together.  The more a team works together, the more they learn what they can do to make the overall event better for each other.  For example, a photo booth attendant working as a part of the team will encourage guests to take their pictures at a time that won’t keep them from enjoying an important dance, a video presentation or a toast that the bride & groom have scheduled with the DJ to be done at a certain time. The uplighting designer is also on the same page so that the lighting will change to accompany a pre-planned moment perfectly.

Three such vendors who have never met before are far less likely to work that well as a team. Often they are so focused only on providing their own service that there is almost a state of conflict where one or more service can actually interfere with the others. Staff members from the same company who are already comfortable working as a team will ultimately provide a more smooth flowing, harmonious event.


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