Why Do I Need UpLighting at My Wedding?


You don’t need uplighting at your wedding if you like the way your venue looks with the lights on and don’t want to change that look for the entire duration of the event, except for dimming the house lights, which is the sole option after dinner.

However; when properly applied, uplighting can not only change the color motif of any venue, but can also permit stunning color/scene changes to accompany different special moments in your reception. 

At a recent wedding that hired a professional lighting designer from AllStar Entertainment & UpLighting, the initial beige/tan color of the venue was changed to a warm golden/amber glow during the cocktail hour, while the wedding party members were taking photos elsewhere. Later, when the bride & groom were being introduced into the room, their lighting designer instantly changed the entire room to their pre-selected color theme of lavender and peach.. to the amazement and delight of 200 guests, wildly applauding as the happy couple took it all in from the center of the dance floor.  This formal “color theme in light” complimented their napkins, the bridesmaids’ gowns and the floral centerpieces, tying it all together.

The ambiance was unchanged until the stunning moment when the bride and her father were invited onto the dance floor and the entire room slowly turned to a soft baby pink. Next, baby blue was selected for the groom’s dance with his mother, followed by a subtle return to their formal color theme of lavender and peach.

After the meal, as the dance floor heated up with all the guests, the lights were changed effectively to match the energy and beat of the music and embellish the magic of each moment.

When done correctly by a lighting professional, uplighting can really make a major difference because it magnifies a vital component at every wedding reception: the emotional impact!


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