3 Rules for Finding Top Quality Wedding Vendors and Services

Engaged couples in search of wedding vendors all want top notch service, a company with a great reputation that can be verified by numerous client reviews and an impressive, informative website that is fast loading, responsive and optimized for all their mobile devices. They seek the very best quality product and flawless results that will totally match their vision of the perfect wedding day… and oh yes, they need all that for the very lowest price. The grim reality is that “the best” and “the cheapest” don’t normally go hand in hand, regardless of the product or service. But why do some charge so much more?

The truth: it costs a top-level vendor more to use the best ingredients, gear, techniques or technology; to have the latest model, designer fabric or the best equipment and also to bring reliable back-up along, just in case.  It costs top-level vendors more to keep up on the latest innovations in their field by attending conventions and seminars to constantly improve on their craft.  It costs them more to hire reliable, skilled professionals who take pride in their work, show up early, well-dressed and groomed and willing do whatever it takes to meet or exceed the client’s expectations.  Cheaper gear and labor allows for a lower price to the consumer… along with a lower level of quality and far less impressive results. Amateurs who do weddings part-time can charge whatever they like, since it’s more a hobby than a profession for them. In their ads running online, they all appear to offer the same product, but the results at the wedding can be like comparing a little league team to the Red Sox. They may both be baseball teams, but they certainly aren’t in the same league!

It’s amusing to see a review trashing a wedding vendor whose fee was less than half the cost of their average competitor’s quote. Was it the low-budget vendor or the choice of that vendor that is more responsible for such poor results?

Rule #1. All Wedding Vendors Are Not Created Equal.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all wedding services or vendors listed under the same category will produce the same results for you. The lowest price is not the best deal, it’s just the cheapest price. Usually a cheaper alternative pales in comparison to the quality choices and far better “values” available.

Rule #2. Price alone is not enough information. You can’t evaluate a wedding vendor by sending an email asking how much? A price only gives you one small piece of information. It must be weighed and considered along with the reputation of the vendor, verifiable reviews, a personal consultation with the vendor to see if there is any chemistry and a good fit and samples of their work or product. The lowest price is never the best vendor and rarely the best “value”.

Rule #3. Shop “Value” Not Price.  If you have prioritized the vendors and services that are most important to you (see Blog below), next you need to pay closer attention to “Value” rather than just price alone.  “Value” is attained by paying a competitive (not an inflated) price for a highly rated service or vendor who will deliver exactly the level of quality and optimal results you expect, and sometimes more!


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