When the Vendor Picks the Couple!

Very few couples in search of their wedding vendors realize that the very best vendors are usually just as selective as they are!  Surprised?  It makes sense if you look at it from their viewpoint.  The more popular the date, the more calls the vendor is likely to have seeking that same date. Here’s an example. A popular photographer only has one opportunity to book that popular Saturday in June you just inquired about. Which scenario is more appealing… the couple who love his work and express an interest in his best 7-hour package and an engagement session, or the couple who ask if the price will be lower if they only use him for 4 hours and don’t order an album?  This is how he earns his living.  There are only 32-35 prime Saturdays during the heart of the wedding season. A popular vendor ends up choosing the best client.

So how can a couple with a limited budget still get top-rated vendors, save money and not settle for second best?  One smart move would be to pick a wedding date in a less popular month or on a Friday or Sunday during wedding season. If the popular vendors you contact are already booked at full price for the prime Saturday night, they may be much more flexible and happy to discount the same package to also fill a Friday or Sunday that week.

Another smart way to get a top vendor to sweeten the deal is to power-shop 2 weddings with an engaged relative or friend. Even with another bride you just met at a bridal show. Two brides inquiring together about their wedding dates can save the vendor time with a  combined consultation and possibly two bookings. Not only is the shared experience more fun for the brides, but even a top vendor has an incentive to cut you both a deal and add two more bookings to his schedule from the same meeting.



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