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There’s always time for you…

We have brides on a regular basis at AllStar Entertainment and UpLighting that will call or write and say, “I’m sorry to bother you” and then proceed with their reason for reaching out to us.  Our first thought every time is always the same, without you we have no wedding business, there’s always time for you!

It is truly that simple, our clients are everything to us as a wedding entertainment company.  Getting lost in the weeds of random updates, advertising, e-mails,  and everything else is just not what matters. Those things keep us going in the right direction but if a wedding DJ company of our size were ever to lose focus on what really matters the most, our bride and groom, then we lose everything. We got a referral this week from the Omni Parker House in Boston, MA and the client was praising how attentive they were. It just reenforces how much giving undivided attention really matters.

There’s always time to make changes in what gets accomplished in any given day.  Maybe today it’s more important to get A, B, and C done and tomorrow work on D and E. But no matter what level all of those others fall, when a bride or groom have a desire or need, everything else can wait.

Are you looking for a fun DJ or a classy DJ, a special song selection, or even just another wedding vendor suggestion….we are in this industry because of our clients, and there’s always time for you.


“Great DJs Do More Than You See at a Wedding!”

Rather than viewing the DJ as just the person who comes in and plays music for 4 or 5 hours, view the DJ as the wedding vendor whose work affects the entire direction and flow of events at a wedding reception. DJs will frequently provide other vendors at the reception with tips about the timeline. This is based on what has been previously planned out with the future bride and groom. A great DJ will point out to the photographer or videographer when a key moment about to happen; one that they might otherwise miss. A great DJ listens to their clients and gathers information about special moments and formalities that other vendors might not know or anticipate. Lastly, a great DJ learns exactly what their client really wants at the wedding and then delivers a reception based on everything they’ve ever discussed…  from their very first meeting right up to an impromptu request sent up at the end of the night. It’s all about making the client’s “perfect wedding” vision a reality, not playing the same songs DJs play at every other wedding! Many of the things a great DJ does to make the wedding a success may not even be noticed at all.

Email Pricing Inquiries… Let the Buyer Beware!

Visiting wedding vendor websites is an effective way to learn the basics and compare each company’s general information and professionalism.   You can usually tell right away if a company impresses you, offers what you’re looking for and seems like a good fit at first glance.  That’s when you’ll send an initial email or place a call to get more information and find out the cost.  If 2 vendors give exactly the same price… the one with more years of experience and a verifiable reputation for higher quality is usually the better choice.  The biggest mistake most consumers make is assuming that a lower price from one is a better deal, without meeting with both those vendors.  A lower price may mean an inferior product or service.  Unless you live out of state, it is not in your best interest to shop wedding vendors by price alone for the most important day of your life.  Without a face-to-face meeting with the actual vendors who will be a part of your special day, the price quoted is only a blind amount… with no guarantee of a vendor who matches your actual needs or who will work with you to help create your wedding vision.  This means scheduling a consultation appointment with all promising vendors who pass the first contact “test”.  What is that, you ask?

Did they respond promptly and in a professional manner or did they wait a few days and offer a lame excuse?  Chances are, that’s an indication of what you can expect from each one… once you hire them.  Did they ask questions as to exactly what you were looking for or did they simply rattle off a quote and ask for the sale?

Remember, you want your wedding day to be a personal one that reflects both you and your fiance’s preferences and style. Any vendor that simply quotes you their usual price without seeking any details or offering ways to personalize their service or product to better match your vision is clearly “cookie cutter” (the same thing for everybody), and will probably not be flexible when you decide to change something to reflect your preferences.

You can’t learn this when you send out emails and simply gather prices.  There’s usually a reason why one service costs a bit more or a lot less than the competition. Email, when used as the only means of contact, hides these finer distinctions.