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Price-Hunting for “Value” in DJ Services

No two professional DJs are alike, even when trained and offered by the same DJ company.  They each have a different look, voice, personality and style for making announcements at the wedding. Most DJs have different gear, musical backgrounds, levels of experience, personal tastes in music, and finally, in speaking with different DJs, you’ll notice that each has attained a different level of education, manners and professionalism. Lots of factors to consider other than just the DJ’s price alone.

Yet, sadly, most new email inquiries come in asking ONLY, “How much for a DJ?”  It’s like calling a caterer and asking, “How much for a meal?”  Do you know what you’re getting for that price they’ll quote?

In reality, DJ price quotes can range from a few hundred bucks to a few thousand dollars for the very same wedding.  Rather than shopping price, shop for “VALUE”.  If you can hire a popular DJ service with dozens of 5-Star Reviews for only $300 more than an unknown, unrated, part-time DJ who replied to you 2 days later… that’s a much better value, even though it costs you more!

It might help to ask yourself the question: “Is this a real DJ I’m dealing with?” Does he do this for a living so he’ll take my wedding seriously, or is this a part-time way to make extra money? Why am I meeting this “DJ” in a coffee shop?  Maybe his lower price is a good indication of the lower level of service I can expect to receive and the lower possibility of a successful wedding reception.

If the DJ is important to you, you must set your budget accordingly.  Setting an unrealistically low budget will narrow the quality choices and yield fewer impressive candidates… although there will probably be no shortage of amateur DJs happy to accept any price you have in mind.

In truth, professional wedding DJs place a pre-determined value on their services and quote it as their price. They have decided that “this is what my service is worth” and they are not interested in lowering that rate to match the price with someone who isn’t as good. When you pay for a superior level of quality that may even exceed what you were hoping for, you’ve gotten a much better DJ “value”.