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“My Secret Wedding”

My Secret Wedding

You can’t really blame future brides who contact a new vendor to inquire about their services, for being secretive about the details of their wedding and not even sharing their names. The internet is a scary place with the ever-present possibility of hackers, identity theft, viruses, malware and more.
From the vendor’s point of view, however, it becomes a frustrating and tedious process of extracting each tidbit of basic information from a secretive bride-to-be, one delicate email at a time.

In a perfect world, each new inquiry would begin with your name, the date of your wedding, where it will be held, the hours of service you need and what specific services you are interested in. If the information and attitude in the vendor’s initial response makes it worth moving forward, follow up with your phone number, fiance’s name and more in-depth information to clearly define what you seek.

In general, if you are emailing a well-known, widely-advertised wedding vendor with a good reputation, numerous 5-star reviews, industry awards and an impressive, informative website… don’t worry about divulging the basic details of your wedding (names, date, time, place, theme etc).  They get a ton of these inquiries and don’t make it a practice of sharing personal client information elsewhere. They are also much too busy dealing with other new inquiries and their existing clients to keep pestering you once you let them know you have made a different choice or are no longer interested.  The ones to beware of are the less popular “hungry” vendors who really have no other viable prospects. They typically lure you with lowball pricing or “too-good to be true” deals and later on, won’t take “no” for an answer. The trick is to weed them out during your search process and never contact them in the first place.